Business Plans and ProForma Financial Validation

We specialize in extracting information from the stakeholders and assembling it into a meaningful document. We can assemble and validate the financial projections for your project, including start-up proformas. The results will show financial viability of the project in a clear and concise manner.

Keys to business plan development

  • Get started by describing your business in one or two sentences (elevator pitch).
  • Describe how you will make money in one paragraph (business model).
  • Perform a rough calculation on th size of your market (opportunity).
  • Discuss your idea with others that understand your particular business /market (mentoring).
  • If you still feel good about your business, start gathering "evidence" (validate).
  • Check out the California Space Center Business Plan Executive Summary

    Santa Maria Valley Humane Society

    Because of increased demand, the Santa Maria Valley Humane Society (SMVHS) will need to expand. To meet this need, we developed a comprehensive business plan and helped shape their capital campaign, ensuring financial sustainability. We projected out their financials through 2020, to ensure they remained cash flow positive after the expansion. The proposed animal care complex will double the current dog and cat capacity, provide an education center, a larger spay and neuter clinic, food bank, caretaker residence, maintenance storage facility, boarding facility and a columbarium. Exercise yards will be available for agility training and demonstrations and for emergency housing of pets in emergencies.

    Check out the executive summary